Specialising in carpet, upholstery, leather cleaning & pest control

Our Services

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Leather Chair

Carpet Cleaning

We offer both hot water extraction and encapsulation dry cleaning methods for your carpet. Deodorising and sanitising are part of the deal too!

Upholstery & Lounges

We provide lounge, sofa and armchair cleaning services with a focus on stain removal sanitising and deodorising

Leather Reconditioning

We use a unique six step method to clean and condition your leather and provide the moisture it needs to stand the test of time!


Tiles & Grout

Tiles and grout are often ignored or just wiped over with a mop. Ensuring that your tiles are regularly scrubbed and extraction cleaned helps the tiles last longer, look better and improves the overall health of your home


Leaky roof? Laundry accident? We can dry and repair your carpet, underlay and subfloor whilst removing any odours with our sanitiser and deodoriser options

General Pest Control

Spiders? Cockies? Ants? Rodents? We offer a wide range of general pest control solutions to our customers.
License number 5079252 


Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning

We can extraction clean your automotive upholstery including your boot…and we will deodorise the vehicle for you afterwards!

Rugs, Cushions, Mattresses

Rugs? Cushions? Mattresses?

We can extraction clean, deodorise and sanitise for you...no problem! 

Fabric Protection 

Save yourself from the mess of the next spill. Fabric protection offers peace of mind for those accidents that just happen sometimes! 

Car mat